Ryan Faircloth


MN lawmakers look to make student service fees optional

To help rein in the cost of college, Minnesota lawmakers would like to limit student service fees. Two proposals — which are opposed by administrators and student leaders — in the Minnesota Legislature would require the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State institutions to make mandatory student service fees optional or get any proposed increase approved by the student body in a vote.

In budget fight, UMN finds stiff competition with state schools

As state lawmakers mull budget allocations, higher education committee members seek to balance funds for the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State. But the University’s budget request, which includes a $147.2 million increase for initiatives, may take a backseat to Minnesota State this year, which legislators say is in worse shape.

President Kaler announces possible UMN tuition hike at State Capitol

University of Minnesota resident and non-resident students could see tuition hikes this fall. At a House higher education committee meeting Wednesday, University President Eric Kaler told legislators an increase may come even if the state fulfills the school’s $147.2 million biennial budget request.

Minnesota's expected budget surplus increases to $1.65 billion

The Minnesota Management and Budget office released the state’s latest budget and economic forecast Tuesday, detailing an increased budget that could be at risk due to federal uncertainty. The state is now estimated to have $1.65 billion in the next biennium, up from a $1.4 billion November projection.

Bill in Legislature could extinguish state's solar incentive program

A bill traveling through the Minnesota Legislature could mean lights out for a state solar incentive program. The legislation — which the House already passed — would end the Made in Minnesota solar incentive program, which helps homeowners and small businesses install state-built solar panels.

Gophers football player says P.J. Fleck will hold players accountable

As a new Gophers football coach and athletics director try to change the culture of the program, one football player says the new tone is more serious than that of previous coaches. The player spoke with the Daily Friday and asked to remain anonymous to preserve his standing with teammates as he discussed the boycott, how the team has changed under the leadership of new head coach P.J.