Ryan Faircloth


New campaigns highlight domestic violence outreach

With Domestic Violence Awareness Month in full swing, campus representatives are working to shed light on an otherwise dark topic. The University of Minnesota’s Aurora Center for Advocacy and Education is holding events throughout the month focused on healthy relationships and victims of domestic violence. Taylor Roberts, a student coordinator with the Aurora Center, said the focus on sexual assault sometimes causes domestic violence to be ignored. To start the conversation, she said she and another student coordinator, Prerna Subramanian, came up with an idea for a social media photo campaign. The coordinators asked students what healthy relationships look like and then posted their photos on social media, Roberts said.

Third-party candidates seek to unseat incumbents

As the election nears, some third-party candidates believe political upheaval could benefit their races, but experts looking back at past fringe movements aren’t convinced. Voters stuck in their ways, a weak political infrastructure and the dominant two-party system all point to a difficult campaign road for third parties, according to experts and the candidates themselves. “It’s gotten to the point where, if you’re not a Republican or a Democrat, there’s no chance,” said Martin Super, the Legal Marijuana Now candidate running for state senator in district 60, which covers the University of Minnesota, Northeast Minneapolis and Cedar-Riverside.

Lawmakers' pay could be determined by voters

Come November, Minnesota citizens could snatch control of state legislators’ salaries. If passed, a ballot measure in the upcoming election would shift the decision to raise lawmakers’ salaries to a 16-person independent council.

U study shows optimism for $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis

A new study by University of Minnesota researchers, which suggests that a minimum wage increase would have miniscule negative impacts on the city, has left some officials divided. At a city meeting last week, a research team from the University’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs presented findings that a $15 per hour minimum wage would help low-earning workers and bring few negative effects.

Diversity lagging in state legislature

Despite a growing minority population in the state, the Minnesota Legislature continues to fall behind on diversity. In the state legislature’s history, there have been 36 lawmakers who’ve identified as racial or ethnic minorities.

SssDude-Nutz owner not worried about looming Tim Hortons competition

With Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons set to move in next door, SssDude-Nutz owner and University of Minnesota alum Bradley Taylor isn’t worried about his business going stale. “If you’re too busy trying to look in other people’s lanes, then you’re automatically going to fail,” Taylor said.