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Mascot protests continue

American Indian activists are continuing to push back against sporting teams they say are offending their culture.   To protest what they view as degradation of American Indian culture and history in mascots and team names, two American Indian advocacy groups hosted a rally 

Moms lack support in workplace

New mothers may abandon breastfeeding if their workplace lacks the space to pump milk, according to a recent study.   Fewer than half of breastfeeding mothers have adequate break time and the private space to pump breast milk at work, and the r

Local grain elevators are deemed unsafe

Though some grain elevator owners in the Twin Cities claim the buildings are safe, an inspection of Prospect Park’s Electric Steel Elevator  showed they’re not as sound as proprietors may think.   The Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association  designated $1

West Bank canvasses for new area plan

Leaders on the West Bank are visiting community members’ homes to find out how residents want to see the area grow.   The West Bank Community Coalition will start canvassing the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood next week in hopes that resident comments will help them form an

Preserving roots music in Dinkytown

Pastor Doug Donley leads services at University Baptist Church in Dinkytown by day, but at night, he transforms the building’s basement into a music venue.   The Roots Cellar Music Series, a monthly program Donley started in March, aims to promote different kinds of roots music — like bluegrass, folk and Americana

Urban explorers, trespassers may face steep rescue fines

Urban explorers who may need complicated rescues will now have to pay a hefty fine for the service.   In response to recent deaths and injuries due to falls in restricted spaces — including one in Southeast Como’s abandoned Bunge grain elevator near th

U-City programs to create “Smart Cities”

As part of a nationwide effort, the University of Minnesota is collaborating with St. Paul and Minneapolis leaders in order to improve infrastructure and increase citizen involvement in the area.   The partnership, announced Sept.

Garden promotes well-being

Flowers and greenery serve as the backdrop for a South Minneapolis space that gives mental health patients a place to bond and share their cultural identities.  

Bringing art to Dinkytown

Among the bars and restaurants lining Dinkytown streets, a new gallery is looking to bring artistic culture back to the University of Minnesota area. Imagine Art Studio and Gallery, which opened Sept.

Meter hitches installed to preserve trees

Increased bike traffic and a shortage of bike parking around the University of Minnesota could be harming young trees.   In order to combat the damage, Minneapolis Public Works donated 20 new bike hitches &md