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Roundup: A badass guide to Valentine’s Day

If you want to actually enjoy Valentine's Day — with or without a significant other — A&E has put together a guide to the most adrenaline-inducing, frenzy-filled go-to activities near campus on Thursday.

Local artist fires up unique glass artwork

In 1998, Chris Ahalt, was taken under the wing (or kiln) of the Minnesota street art scene. Now, he is a pioneer in the Minneapolis flame-working scene, makes one-of-a-kind glass balloon pieces and showcases his talent across the world. 

Culture compass: If the Super Bowl isn’t your thing

The self-proclaimed “non-drill rapper” (debatable) heads to Skyway Theatre this Friday for a show that will undoubtedly trap. Coming from Chicago, the rapper is used to getting rowdy crowds going and mosh pits forming. Having recently released his new single “Up It,” you can be ready for new slaps like this one, and old tracks like “Lord Knows” to charge the night with super sounds.""

King Princess rules over her kingdom

With a contagious carefree attitude and guitar riffs reverberating off First Avenue’s iconic walls, King Princess commanded the crowd to have a good time on Thursday night.

You better stay up off the street if you can’t take Paaq’s heat

How many streetwear brands have come out of Minnesota? The answer: probably less than you can count on one hand. For Paaq, a clothing brand started by University of Minnesota students and grads, this brings a fire to their pieces that they hope will ignite a guiding torch for years to come.