Samir Ferdowsi


Review: Where’s the Minnesota love, Hippo Campus?

On the night of a historic W for the Gophers in Madison, Hippo Campus took an unfortunate L in St. Paul. On night two of the band's residency in St. Paul for their “Bambi” tour, special guest NOW, NOW opened up the show with variable energy. Some songs seemed to connect with the crowd while others just filled up time until the big act.

Review: Aminé 'reels in' incredible positivity

Standing in front of First Avenue on Monday night, a passerby would think there was a puppy adoption going on inside. As flurries of snow danced on the street, bass blasted within the venue. 

Culture compass: Moose patrols, Scrooge and photons

Nothing says "punk show" like a good ol' Minneapolis dive bar. Catch a locally-stacked lineup of basement punk bands as they perform new music specifically for the Terminal audience. From Heart to Gold’s angst to Pierre's hard-hitting anthems off their newly released album, the show will definitely wash off any wear-and-tear from the week. Victor Shores is rumored to be performing a plethora of new music for the crowd, so be ready to go off!

Snow outside, palm trees inside

On Sunday, local Asian import grocer United Noodles hosted an event that was as close as you can get to a traditional Hawaiian get-together in a snow-plagued landscape.

A&E explores: A guide for pedaling through the last days of fall

Unless you have a bike with tires fat enough to brave Minnesota’s worst weather, chances are you'll soon rein up your trusty two-wheeled steed for the winter.  Don't fret! Now is one of the best times to enjoy the carving, shore-caressing paths of Minnesota — especially around campus.