Sarah Thamer


Corn Belt greenhouse gas emissions underestimated

University of Minnesota scientists found previous research may have underestimated greenhouse gas emissions in the Midwest’s Corn Belt by nearly 40 percent.    At the University’s Tall Tower Trace Gas Observatory in UMore Park in Rosemount, resear

Project may back hemp use

Twelve years of University of Minnesota plant biologist George WeiblenâÄôs research culminated in the discovery of a single gene that differentiates the genetic makeups of marijuana and hemp âÄî a discovery that could lead to a reassessment of hempâÄôs legality and might allow for its commercial cultivation. The July 17 study found tetrahydrocannabinol levels vary dramatically between the two plant species. THC is predominantly found in marijuana, while hemp produces cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, which is mostly non-euphoric.

Bacteria could improve cancer detection

Decked in long tubes and cable wires, the Blekhman lab on the University of MinnesotaâÄôs St. Paul campus is designed to collect data at lightning-fast speeds about human gut microbiomes âÄî the collection of microbes living in the human body that may be linked to cancer. Ran Blekhman, the labâÄôs principal investigator and a population geneticist at the school, researches how genetic variations in humans contribute to differences in the microbiome and how the interaction between bacteria in the microbiome is causing diseases.

Agriculture’s high-tech future

At a field experiment last week, a drone leashed like a dog to a University of Minnesota graduate student slowly rotated, drifting mere feet above the group and capturing images of apple trees at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. A student nearby controlled the drone from a laptop, moving it slowly along the rows of trees.  

Study: Cleaning air could save lives

Removing air pollutants can prevent disease and improve health in any location, even if the air is already relatively clean, according to a study released last week.   

Hydration and innovation

A glowing water bottle created by University of Minnesota alumni might be a solution to staying hydrated.  

Twin Cities residents choose to bike

A recent University of Minnesota study found more Twin Cities residents are choosing to commute on two instead of four wheels than what a U.S. census report shows.