Sophie Vilensky


Review: 'Tomb Raider' is for the ... we're not sure.

Based on the plot of a 1990s video/computer game (and its many reboots), “Tomb Raider” doesn’t go all “Riverdale” in its hints at good old consumer culture and character building. Croft is introduced in a boxing arena, stealing the owner’s apple before hopping on a food delivery bike, charming everyone she meets. 

Artist Meghan Murphy’s new rules

When she was an undergrad, a classmate told Meghan Murphy her work reminded him of middle school. She’d painted a bunch of Tim Burton-esque dolls floating in yellow and wearing lingerie — a study in tragedy and empowerment that come with being aware of sexuality at a young age. But the classmate just saw trivial little girl art.   

At Black Lodge, 'Twin Peaks' comes to life

Local artist Nancy Waller started watching “Twin Peaks” when it came out in 1990. In early December, she unveiled a pop-up inspired by the show in her South Minneapolis storefront — the “Black Lodge Gift Shop.”  

A&E’s guide to spring break

Someone you know definitely has a car, and they sell mini drink umbrellas at Target. Buy the snacks, set up the collaborative Spotify playlist and get going. There are, indeed, more destinations in the world than the St. Paul campus. There are more roads than 4th and University.

Dessa: From office hours to Scholars Walk

In January, the University of Minnesota quietly removed a plaque of Garrison Keillor from Scholars Walk and added one of Dessa, along with others. The plaque features a photo of Dessa, her graduation year and a quote about failure. 

Street style: Outside with the cuties

Yeah, Valentine’s day is super sweet. But the pops of color seen around campus on the first nice day after a couple weeks of raw winter are sweeter. Last Wednesday, A&E took to the streets (biking and pedestrian) of the University of Minnesota campus to find what our scholars had to offer in the way of spring fashion sneak peeks.

A&E’s guide to Valentine's week

Something more to look forward to than the convenience store clearance section on Feb. 15. Something more than that bad 2010 “Love Actually” rip-off starring Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner as high school sweethearts, “Felicia and Willie.”