Sophie Vilensky


Street style: In Blegen, hallways turn to runways

Dark stairwells with no traffic policy, high-school-reminiscent bathroom graffiti and the permeating smell of basement Subway. There’s just something about Blegen Hall.  Then there’s the array of gorgeous people from a number of majors that wander its halls, only there because they have to be. They roam the windowless hallways on the way to a liberal arts discussion with only the promise of a single-serving Papa John's pizza to get them through.

Review: Welcome to the Migos show, this is “Culture II”

With “Culture II,” the cement of their placement dries. It no longer matters how long we can handle the word “skrrt.” The album, Migos’ third full length venture, came out Friday  — almost exactly a year after the drop of their chart-topping “Culture.”

A&E's guide to this semester's non-required reading

You know how sometimes you're shopping in the University of Minnesota bookstore and you see a book that looks fabulous, but you know you'll never be able to fit that class into your schedule? We have you covered — just don't forget to bring your U-Card to checkout.