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The case for a third option vote your values this November

I have been following political elections for as long as I can remember. I don’t truly know what has caused this, but I can take a stab at many different things that may have led to it such as: watching the first African-American President get elected back in 2008, seeing my father run for both mayor and city council in my small hometown, and watching the rise of both Ron Paul in 2012 and Bernie Sanders just this last year.

Independent business owners reflect on 'heart and soul' of Stadium Village

With a 27-story apartment complex slated to rise in Stadium Village, several of the area’s most popular local businesses have been forced to close recently to make way for the project in the neighborhood that has rapidly changed in recent years with the construction of several high-rise, mixed-use complexes. Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors has plans to build a residential and commercial tower on the corner of Harvard Street and Washington Avenue, a block that currently holds a collection of Stadium Village business fixtures.