Spencer Doar


No wrath in this Khan

A few years ago in a Korean monastery, King Khan sat reading tarot cards to an amused Buddhist monk. The goofy, esoteric frontman for multiple endeavors had recently gotten into a spat with his frequent collaborator, Mark Sultan, and was ready to quit the music business altogether and join the followers of Buddha.

London’s Mayor Izzard?

With the likes of Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone before him, London has a malleable template for unconventional mayors. In 2020, comedian and actor Eddie Izzard hopes to continue the trend (and if that doesn't pan out, he has a parliamentary seat in mind). “I think I’d rather stay out [of politics] — I really am enjoying this career — but I think I have to go in [to politics],” Izzard said.

A bigger, badder Soundset

In 2008, the first Soundset hip-hop festival was held at the Metrodome parking lot, drawing some 13,000 people.  Last Sunday, the same festival brought 30,000  to Canterbury Park’s Festival Fields in Shakopee, Minn. for arguably the biggest lineup in the event’s seven-year history.  It’s still homegrown from Rhymesayer’s stock, yes; but far from the grassroots vibe of the early years — $7 drinks tell that tale. 

It's Nerf modding or nothin'

When Nerf hit the scene as the first “indoor ball” in 1969, it was a far cry from the arsenal of childhood weaponry we know today.

Album review: Pixies' "Indie Cindy"

Even though bassist Kim Deal is no longer with the Pixies, it doesn’t matter much.  The beloved indie rockers released their first full-length in 23 years Monday.

Imported from Detroit

Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott return to Minneapolis five days after the ignominious defeat of their hometown Pistons by the Timberwolves. At this point, they just want Pistons President of Basketball Operations Joe Dumars gone and the team to lose.

M-m-m-m-Maybach music

Athletes James Harden and Brian Wilson get plenty of attention for their awesomely intimidating black beards, but Rick Ross’ dedication to whisker maintenance puts him a step above the whole crop of beard-sporting celebs. Ricky and his meticulous whiskers were thrust into the spotlight the summer of 2006 — his rotund debut, “Port of Miami,” was a rap blockbuster. In a blink, he was firmly entrenched in the upper echelon of the industry.

Hip-hop memories: 2013

Attempt on Rick Ross’s life Gotta go all the way to January for this one, but it was pretty notable when Ross crashed his Rolls in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. after being subject to a hail of bullets from unknown assailants.   Big Apple beef with Trinidad Trinidad Jame$ recently came under fire for telling an audience New York rap is slippin’, and Atlanta runs things now. He should have known it would spark a Twitter firestorm. Maino, among other notables, was pissed.