Sydney Baum-Haines


UMN students to livestream solar eclipse

At about 60,000 feet in the air, a tiny camera in a plastic foam box will livestream a solar eclipse for the first time. The University of Minnesota’s Gophernauts, the campus ballooning team, will attach the foam box to a weather balloon on Aug.

Turning pig organs to human organs

More than 100,000 Americans are waiting for an organ transplant, and Minnesota researchers think pigs could help them. Miromatrix Medical Inc., an Eden Prairie biotechnology company, works to create human organs from pig organs with a process called perfusion decellularization and recellularization.

Citizen science aided research delves into monarch larva population

For monarch caterpillars, the world of horror movies is all too real. Killer parasitoids live and grow inside their bodies, then burst from their lifeless corpses. This gruesome relationship has been unexplored on a large scale, but a recent University of Minnesota study at the Monarch Lab has started to uncover the extent of the fatal pairing. Laura Lukens, co-author of the study and senior Monarch Lab technician, is among those learning the natural mortality rate of the species, which includes death by parasitoids.

Behind UMN research, a 'cool' breakthrough in cryopreservation

For the first time ever, a fish embryo survived being frozen and thawed, which could help preserve species and repopulate oceans. For decades, researchers have successfully cryopreserved — frozen and thawed — mammal embryos and a variety of animal sperm, but scientists were unable to do the same for fish embryos. Now, with a pairing of gold nanoparticles and lasers that thaw at millions of degrees per minute, University of Minnesota scientists successfully cryopreserved zebra fish embryos.

The Science of Smiles

How do people perceive different smiles? Sofia Lyford-Pike, University of Minnesota assistant professor, assembled a top-notch team to study just that. Lyford-Pike, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, works on patients with paralyzed faces.

A shell upgrade for Seemore the sea turtle

Eight years ago, Seemore the sea turtle was swimming off the coast of Florida when she was stuck by a boat, cracking her shell. The accident left the green sea turtle with the deceptively cute named affliction, “bubble butt syndrome.” After finding a home and a temporary treatment at the Mall of America’s Sea Life Aquarium, Seemore is set to receive a more permanent solution for her ailment from a team of University of Minnesota students.

Scientists not renewed for a second term advising the EPA, UMN professor among them

The Environmental Protection Agency did not renew several scientists’ positions, including a University of Minnesota professor, worrying some academics. The EPA sent an email June 19 telling 38 Board of Scientific Counselors members — responsible for reviewing the quality of EPA’s science research — that they would not get a second term.

Top UMN administrator set to take job in Illinois

A top University of Minnesota administrator is leaving for a similar position at the University of Illinois. Danita Brown Young, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Students, will be Illinois’ next Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs starting August 7, pending approval from the Illinois Board of Trustees, the University of Illinois announced. The school offered Brown Young the position earlier this month and she accepted soon after.