Terry Niebeling, University student


U libraries are a priceless resource

Recently, the Minnesota Daily announced the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus library systems were facing budget deficits that could impede student and faculty research.

Oppressive Sunday liquor sales laws should be voted on

When will Minnesota put Sunday liquor sales laws to a ballot vote? The tragedy about this topic is the lack of discussion  throughout the year. The few who champion for Sunday sales are sometimes assumed to be alcoholics, or raging drunks. To the contrary, the person against oppressive liquor laws, perhaps, can be seen as merely questioning unjust business practices. What kind of American wants to be limited in their right to work, their right to vote with their dollar and their right to choose?

Commuter safety

University of Minnesota students, staff and faculty recently received an email from University Services Vice President Pam Wheelock about how the transportation around campus has changed. I challenge this idea. I challenge those who think we adequately regulate commuting to campus and who believe it’s safe to utilize throughways at the University. We see it daily: people walking, zigzagging, texting or talking on the phone.  They have little idea of their surroundings. This puts people in danger.

What’s in a name?

Protestors recently rallied outside the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis against the Washington football team’s nickname, the Redskins. The name change argument is central to the nation’s growth and supporting equality. However, those same activists have overlooked the name change of a city landmark that is similarly disparaging: Lake Calhoun. Why focus on a national topic when you could try to fix something local?