The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: The Minnesota Daily welcomes new president Joan Gabel

Now is the best time for the University community to show our support for Gabel as she fills the University’s highest office. Incidentally, now is also the best time for Gabel to in turn show her support for the University community by acknowledging and responding to the questions, comments, and concerns of her constituency.

Editorial: College should be affordable for students of all ages

Continuing this conversation amongst your peers is the first step in advocating for yourself and others when it comes to an affordable education. If we have the resources to provide free to extremely low-cost education for senior citizens, we can be doing better to ensure that our younger students have a fair and affordable shot at an education, too. 

Editorial: Breaking the link between grad school and the GRE

An increasing number of university life sciences departments and medical schools have decided to get rid of the GRE requirement that was previously a necessity for admission to their programs — including the University of Minnesota. These findings beg the question of whether additional graduate programs, such as those in the physical sciences or liberal arts, should, or will, follow suit.

Editorial: Reviewing the Task Force report

After an attempt to better understand this position, it was brought to our attention that some of the research that went into the Task Force Report on Renaming Buildings was questionable. 

Editorial: We need to learn from the renaming process

On Friday afternoon, campus was at a stand-still as the regents decided to take up one of the most important decisions our campus has faced in recent years: should the University of Minnesota rename four buildings that bear the name of controversial historical figures?

Editorial: College admissions shouldn’t get too personal

Applying for college is a rigorous process that can be overwhelming for many prospective students. But it can be particularly stressful for students who have experienced trauma or other hardships in the years leading up to sending out applications. 

Editorial: Avoiding harrowing housing situations is harder than it looks, but here are a few tips

Last week, the Minnesota Daily reported on newly discovered potential health risks to workers who installed carpets at The Arrow Apartments. Though many situations aren’t this extreme, predatory landlords still try to swindle students into a bad lease. To avoid these situations, consider the following tips provided by the University's Student Legal Services and Off Campus Living.