The Minnesota Daily Editorial Board


Editorial: Minneapolis is on fire. We need justice and we need it now.

On May 25, George Floyd was killed after an encounter with police officers in Minneapolis. Floyd was an African-American man who had the Minneapolis Police Department called on him when he allegedly tried to use forged documents at a corner store in Saint Paul. According to the officers, he appeared to be intoxicated.

Editorial: The cost of an 800-person protest

Peaceful assembly is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment, one that allows citizens to hold their government accountable. But this assembly has horrible potential outcomes, ones that could cost lives and at no fault of their own. 

Editorial: It's okay to mourn

The emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19 has turned this usually joyous time into one of frustration and sadness for students across the country.

Editorial: The culture of competition in the wake of COVID-19

The competitive culture in college hurts more than it helps. Many students juggle being a full-time student, having a part-time job, as well as extracurriculars. Many also balance multiple jobs or multiple clubs. This can be understandably anxiety-inducing.