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Donate blood to support workers

During March, we think about spring break, beautiful weather, St. Patrick’s Day and National Women’s Month. However, many aren’t aware that the last week of March is also National Farm Worker’s Awareness Week. NFAW recognizes our farmers and the rights they’ve fought for over the decades. Farm workers today face numerous struggles, just as they have in the past. University of Minnesota sophomore Capetra Jolly currently studies the issues in a class.

Memes: feels bad, man

     Social networking strikes again. There has been a lot of uproar these last couple weeks regarding a fairly new phenomena, Internet memes. For those who do not know, the term meme is actually a biological term that signifies the transmission of cultural items by way of repetition. Today it has come to mean the transmission of different media, i.e. pictures, videos or animated gifs, from one Internet user to another. Most of the time memes will contain funny phrases or images.

University has a rich black history

Though we’ve barely had a taste of winter, it is already February. Obviously, this is the month of Valentine’s Day, but it is also Black History Month. What may be surprising is that even though only 4 percent of students at the University of Minnesota are African-American, the University has a very rich black history, one worth celebrating.

The Bible in today's society

For myself, this semester has been crazy, early as it is. As an English major, I was bold enough to fill my schedule entirely with English and literature classes, which means tons of reading and writing. Even through the first few weeks, the courses have been enlightening. The introductory material, created to expand my own meta-cognitive approach to analyzing texts and recognizing the art and creativity that lies behind the words, is expanding my knowledge of literature to a degree that I have had not yet experienced.

New resolutions for a new year

ItâÄôs crazy to believe that itâÄôs already time for fall semester finals. And after fall semester finals comes Christmas break and of course New YearâÄôs. In America, it is a common tradition  to come up with âÄúNew YearâÄôs Resolutions,âÄù a personal list of things in our lives that weâÄôd like to change in order to better ourselves in the coming year. These lists commonly consist of things such as bad habits that weâÄôd like to quit, or goals that weâÄôd like to reach.

In God We Trust?

The phrase âÄúIn God We TrustâÄù stamped onto our currency inevitably becomes a daily reminder to most Americans âÄî but a daily reminder of what?

At school for the holidays

Believe it or not, the holiday season is already here. For many of us, this time of year brings thoughts of going home and spending time with our families, cooking recipes that have been passed down through generations and perhaps watching some holiday flicks. But, what about those of us who arenâÄôt able to go home for the holidays, those of us who donâÄôt live close enough to simply drive, fly or bus home because of other obligations such as work or athletics, or because home is too far away?

Baby, it’s cold outside

âÄôTis the season to be chilly. And while many students are new to the Minnesota climate, the cold weather and the snow often drive even Minnesota natives to hide away and try to stay inside. What many donâÄôt realize, though, is that itâÄôs easier to stay warm than you may think, and there is also a plethora of winter activities to participate in. You can find a way to enjoy the weather and truly experience a Minnesota winter.

Engage the world through art

Throughout the years, whenever there has been a revolution or political movement, art always seems to accompany it, whether itâÄôs the literature of the romantic era, the revolutionary poetry of the Harlem Renaissance or the music that took off in relation to the Vietnam protest movement.

Females still face unique challenges

The University of Minnesota is a place filled with great educational opportunities for both male and female students and offers what seems to be a level playing field for both genders to succeed. Hidden behind the structure of this institution however, is a plethora of struggles for women who walk this campus.