Tiffany Trawick


It’s not media, it’s you

Social networking sites have become an important part of college studentsâÄô lives in the last several years. When we were younger, our social lives outside of school most likely revolved around clubs, youth groups and after school programs rather than the Internet. But now, almost everyone is also plugged in online in some way.

When mainstream media fails, seek other sources

On Sept. 21, 2011, Troy Davis was executed in the state of Georgia after being convicted for the murder of Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail. The trial caused a lot of uproar and controversy for various reasons surrounding the case including the fact that Troy Davis was a black man being charged for the killing of white cop in Georgia, the debate surrounding the morality of the death penalty, and the remaining question of whether Davis was even guilty. What struck me by surprise was that many people hadnâÄôt heard anything about this case until just hours before his execution.

Step outside the comfort zone

Coming to the University of Minnesota was a big step for me personally. After going to private schools all my life and growing up in a conservative Christian household, one of my biggest challenges I faced was balancing my faith and figuring out a way to maintain an open mind in this new environment.

From abroad to broader awareness

Preparation for the new school year always has its challenges, from registering for classes to moving into the residence halls. There is always so much to get used to in so little time. However, as seamless as the transition may seem for the majority of us, some students have much more to get accustomed to.