Uma Venkata


Venkata: The internet of kings

Election meddling is everywhere, and it's found easy footing here in the U.S. I believe U.S. intelligence agencies found this in their investigations. The internet also provides porn, which serves as sexual education for children. Just let that sink in. Recruitment for terrorist organizations in any country, for any ideology, has been streamlined. Actual terrorism — including for neo-Nazis or the mountains-out-of-molehills rage of the incels — can be expedited. And it has never been easier to traffic people. 

Venkata: The next step in invasive advertising is here

A company called Cooler Screens installs screens on freezer doors, like in Walgreens, which monitors customers for their age, gender and “emotional response" in order to present an advertisement that targets that demographic. 

Venkata: On the employment contract, Pt. II

Say you work for a company that requires commitment and familiarity, but you’re a contractor. You want to produce good work, both for pride in your work and the benefit of your customers — and for the sake of keeping your job. But, if you can’t be sure whether you’ll keep your job, anxiety can compound. 

Venkata: On the employment contract, part I

When students like us enter the job market, we’ll either be hired directly or contractually. It depends on which is better. For a steady, 9-to-5, part-of-the-workplace job, the preferred option is almost always direct-hire. 

Venkata: Diversity in Dinkytown

Dinkytown has been brimming with new businesses in the last year or so. College staples like Annie’s Parlor for burgers and malts, a chain cookie store, pizza joints and a couple of bars have been doing and will continue to do great business. I have spent a fair amount of money on iterations of the same meatball sub order at Potbelly Sandwich Shop over the last couple years. 

Venkata: The lame duck that swam

The Gophers took the Badgers’ axe away, but the state of Wisconsin is managing to chop their own house down just fine without it.

Venkata: The extent of evangelism

Between the afternoon of November 16 and the morning of November 17, a 26-year-old American citizen named John Chau was murdered and allegedly buried in the sand on North Sentinel Island in India. The murder was committed by the isolated, prehistoric tribe that lives there, outside the reach of the modern world. North Sentinel lies south of the Andaman Islands of India, which by proxy is responsible for North Sentinel too. 

Venkata: This land was made for you and me

I recently read a guest column in the Guardian from April 2017 called, “Confessions of a reluctant gentrifier," about Rogers Park — the neighborhood in Chicago where I grew up. The article was a cool bit of introspection because of the racial topics it tackled that have been daily information for residents, but not necessarily for others outside cities.

Venkata: What Michelle Obama means

If you haven’t noticed already, take the time to look and you will see that Michelle Obama’s new memoir “Becoming” has renewed a quiet wave of emotion for the former first lady. I would say there’s something about her personality that does it, but it’s not just one thing, it’s everything.