Yena Lee


College Kitchenista: Marshmallows

If the copious amounts of pink, red and hearts all around don’t give you an inkling that Valentine’s Day is near, you might want to open your eyes.      Chocolates and candies are popular during this time of year, but marshmallows aren

College Kitchen: France

The weather in Europe is getting a bit cold — a chilly 50 degrees, that is, not Minnesota-cold. And as the temperature drops, the prices of flights and lodging go down, a sign of the tourism season’s end.   Nice — pronounced like “niece” — is a part of the French Riviera.

College Kitchen: Hungary

When students opt to study abroad in Europe, it’s the beautiful cities of Paris, Barcelona, Florence and London that capture their hearts. Central Europe tends to be an afterthought. However, if you ever have the opportunity to visit central Europe, do it — it’s beyond breathtaking. The unity of two cities — Buda and Pest — makes up Budapest.

College Kitchen: Brunch edition

Another semester is ending, so gather all your friends and throw a kickass brunch. Who knows when all of you will be together again anyway?   The great thing about this meal is that there are so many brunch-appropriate foods.

Coffee culture

College students are no stranger to caffeine addiction. For many people, coffee gives them the necessary jolt of energy to function.