Yena Lee


College Kitchen: Overlooked Vegetables

Think carrots, but ivory — and not heirloom carrots either. Parsnips, similar to its overrated cousin — the carrot — have a slightly sweet taste, but also lack the strong taste that carrots are known for. Parsnips are often overlooked at the grocery store since not a lot of people know of them, but they are great additions to soups, salads and even desserts. Another vegetable that people tend to forget is the sweet potato. Both parsnips and sweet potatoes are root vegetables and wonderful alternates to the starchy potato.

Restaurant Week: Fine dining on a budget

Hop on the foodie train while it’s in town — lasting only a week, the long-awaited Restaurant Week is almost here. From Feb. 22 to 27, it’s your one chance to try some fine dining on a college budget. With several Twin Cities favorite dining scenes reprising their roles in Restaurant Week, A&E covers some of the new restaurants near the University of Minnesota.   The Shout House Nestled right by Target Field, the Shout House’s new location is a great post-game hangout.

College Kitchen with Chef Wadi

Saffron Restaurant & Lounge, a downtown restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, is celebrating the nine-year anniversary of its opening on Thursday.

College Kitchen: Valentine’s Day Truffles

Instead of waiting for the last minute and getting a standard box of chocolates at CVS, plan ahead and surprise your Valentine with a box of homemade truffles. For all the people with a Valentine this year, what better way to show your sincerity than with a box of homemade truffles? And for all the single ladies (and gentlemen), make these truffles, grab a bottle of wine, turn on Netflix and treat yo’ self.     Cookie dough truffles  

College Kitchen: Super Bowl Snacks, gluten-free

As the Super Bowl approaches, people are thinking about wings, beer and pizza — a massive gluten overload. But for gluten-intolerant folks, big social gatherings like the Super Bowl are a digestive tract’s worst nightmare. Fear not; cauliflower will solve all your problems. There are many gluten-free options, ranging from pizza crusts to bread. But there is another option which includes a heaping serving of veggies while indulging — the best of both worlds.     Cauliflower pizza crust

College Kitchen: Milk Alternatives

Telling people that you squeeze nut bags isn’t even the best part about making milk alternatives. Non-dairy milks are on the rise and replacing the norm of cow’s milk, and they can be used as anything from a smoothie base to a cereal partner. While non-dairy milk sales are soaring, cow’s milk sales are decreasing. Milk alternatives don’t have all the same nutritional values as cow’s milk, but they have their own redeeming healthy qualities.