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U mines for Iron Range fixes

Amid layoffs, company shutdowns and an uncertain future, some state officials are looking to the University of Minnesota to provide answers for Minnesota’s Iron Range.     The University recently asked the state Legislature for $3.6 million to de

U Internet security needs work

With aging network infrastructure and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, the University of Minnesota is looking to bolster its defense against hackers.     Starting next year, the University plans to undergo a $78 million project to upgrade its m

University implements changes in vacation donation procedure

When University of Minnesota library accountant LaVon Beseman was diagnosed with cancer, she planned to have her husband give her one week of his vacation time.    The University currently has a program that allows employees to donate paid vacation time to ot

MN universities face more scrutiny

When Art Institutes International graduate Justin Karels first applied to the school, he was told nearly all graduates find a job in their field of study.    But five years and $130,000 later, he said he knew of only one student working as an animator out of

More scholarships for unpaid internships

The University of Minnesota’s College of Liberal Arts is increasing the amount of scholarships it doles out to help students afford to take on unpaid internships.   Last year, CLA awarded 71 $1,500 scholarships to students who worked unpaid internships.

U study researches academic success through language skills

Something as simple as starting a conversation in the grocery store could make a difference in a child’s scholastic achievement, a University of Minnesota researcher found.    In her study published online this month, Katherine Ridge, a Ph.D.

University starts online election program

Following a White House report urging universities to take on a role in training election officials, the University of MinnesotaâÄôs Humphrey School of Public Affairs is launching a new online program that provides a certificate in election administration. The program, which will begin this fall, is the first of its kind in the country and aims to create consistency in election overseersâÄô training. The program comes at a time of technological change and recent close elections resulting in recounts, which have increased scrutiny on election officesâÄô operations.

Students flooded with invites to honors societies

When University of Minnesota journalism junior Taylor Johnson opened a letter inviting her to join an honors society, she said she thought she received an offer to an exclusive club. But as she read into the program more, noting the $300 enrollment fee and the number of invites sent to other students, she decided it wasnâÄôt worth it.

U leaders promote end dates for underutilized research centers

To make room for new centers and to attract faculty to the University of Minnesota, faculty leaders and administrators say some research centers need to close. The University has several hundred research centers, but some faculty members say the huge number makes it difficult to establish new ones. At a Board of Regents meeting earlier this summer, the Faculty Affairs Committee discussed the possibility of establishing predetermined closing dates for certain centers with research questions that could be answered within a few years.

Mudslide repairs begin after lack of funds

Repairs to the river bluff below the University of Minnesota Medical Center are underway after a mudslide brought 4,000 cubic yards of dirt and debris onto West River Parkway last year. The parkway has been closed for more than a year following the massive landslide caused by heavy rains. Bike, foot and car traffic should resume when the repairs, which started last week, are completed on Oct. 31. Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board officials said the $6 million repairs took more than a year to begin because the board didnâÄôt have enough funding.