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Faculty seek clarity on study abroad rules

University of Minnesota faculty members aren’t allowed to promote non-University undergraduate travel programs, according to a University study abroad policy — and some are concerned this violates student academic freedoms.  

U hosts fellowship for African leaders

When people ask Osman Abdal Timbo where he’s from, he says he’s from Africa. When pushed a little further, he’ll reluctantly say he was born in Sierra Leone. Timbo, a lawyer, advocates for a United States of Africa, a concept that seeks to unify the continent as a single country. 

U announces new director of Institute on the Environment

The University of Minnesota announced Jessica Hellmann as new director of the Institute on the Environment. Hellmann’s appointment, announced Wednesday, comes after Jonathan Foley, the former director, left the position last summer, which prompted a yearlong search for the institute’s new leader. Hellmann is an associate professor in the University of Notre Dame’s Biological Sciences Department,

Faculty worry private information hacked to file taxes

A number of University of Minnesota faculty members suspect tax fraud was committed using their personal information, prompting an investigation into a possible data breach. Sociology professor Rob Warren said about half of the faculty members in his department were unable to file their taxes online and a number of psychology faculty also. But the University said they did not find a data breach in its networks

Application standards rise at CSE

Three of Harry Barrett’s classmates in one of his engineering classes at Century College were accepted to the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering, including himself.  

U researchers link MERS to animals

A University of Minnesota researcher has made a major discovery about the mutation of Middle East respiratory syndrome, a potentially life-threatening respiratory illness that causes fever and difficulty breathing.